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Our Rubber Safety Surfaces are:

Durable and resistant

Easy to clean and maintain

Decorative and beautiful

Environmentally friendly

Non-toxic or hypoallergenic

Anti-slip and cushioning 

They can be placed on a variety of existing surfaces including concrete, asphalt, wood, metals, tiles, and interlocking.

There are several Flexapav  Rubber Safety Surfacing products. Contact our friendly staff to analyze the different options that meet with your requirements and budgets.

Flexapav surfaces are built with the best quality of virgin rubber granules and resins. They are specially formulated to build an elastic surface that is anti-slip, shock absorbing, and very strong and durable.

These surfaces have no joints and are resistant to heavy traffic. They come in many beautiful colors and the final products are remarkably smooth.

Ideal for swimming pool decks, playgrounds, water parks, residential stairs... etc.

Flexaeco surfaces are an excellent alternative to replace EPDM and substantially reduce the cost of construction. They are made with recycled rubber tire granules pigmented with high technology polymers specially formulated for these type of applications.

This technology now allows the construction of environmentally friendly surfaces of various colors that are durable and easy to maintain and clean.

The high quality of this product allows it to be used in various applications including playgrounds, swimming pool decks, sport courts, running tracks, trails...etc.

Flexapav Interior rooms are smooth floors that contain a cushioning layer.

They have a synthetic coating of very durable flexible paint, resins, and special flexible pastes.

The paints used are of the highest quality and the high variety of colours available allow for beautiful design to suit each client. 

Ideal for day cares, therapy/rehabilitation clinics, aerobics or pilates studios, martial arts gyms... etc.

Flexapav Gym. surfaces are smooth floors or with a wood type vinyl. They have a prefabricated cushioning layer that consists of recycled granulated rubber.

Reinforcing layers and high quality flexible paints guarantee durability and easy maintenance.

Ideal for residential or commercial gyms with weights and machines.

Flexapav Court are multi-purpose courts for outdoor use that contain a cushioning layer and a thin or thick finish of silica sand to prevent skidding.

It's softness provides athletes with comfort that takes care of their joints; especially in their ankles, knees and back. This surface is made easy for maintenance.

Ideal for schools, colleges or universities, sports centers with tennis/basketball courts, running tracks. etc.

Flexapav indoor multipurpose courts are smooth floors with a cushion layer. They have a layers and synthetic coating of very durable flexible paint, resins, and special flexible pastes.

The flexible paints used are of the highest quality and their varied colors allow for custom made drawings and designs to be painted directly on the surfaces.

Ideal for basketball, badminton, or volleyball courts, running tracks, indoor football, etc.

Our guaranty!

We are proud of the quality of our products and workmanship. We offer installation and manufacturing guarantees according to the type and requirement of the project.

Extended warranties are available subject to the application, along with our maintenance program